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K90 Volume Scroll broken


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Hello not sure if this is the correct place to post but here goes.

I purchased my K90 around 2 weeks ago and for these 2 weeks I have been playing games etc and loving my new keyboard, however today my volume scroll started playing up (not changing my volume when I want it too) and I scroll for volume UP and nothing happens until 5 minutes. At first I thought it was windows messing about and tried the HumanInterfaceDeviceAcsess file to Started Manual but nothing :/

So I decided to get real funky and formatted my drive wiped evey thing clean and still the volume scroll does not work, It's hit and miss with it really another example:

I go to increase the volume and nothing happens then I check 2-5 mins later it may have increased 5-15% volume if Im lucky. Im not a fan of updating firmware as these are known to have issues with updates/drivers all that stuff I don't use or plan on using I purchased this keyboard for looks only ;): So saying that upgrading firmware or drivers is not going to happen simply because it worked perfect until today.

Should I just return it to amazon? Sorry for ranting on but it's 5.30am here and I have been up all morning trying to figure this pissy problem out :)

Thanks in advance guys

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Ok will do that after some sleep


Erm as for what FW it is using I don't know because I don't have any software or anything installed (don't need it don't want it) As I said it worked perfect for 2 weeks out of the box without installing anything.

Must rest.....ile be back soon guys after testing on another machine.

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Ok I just tested it on my dads machine and it does not work also I tested my old microsoft x6 and that works just fine :/

Also the firmware is 1.13 but I doubt that is the problem here as the keyboard worked perfect for the past 2 weeks then suddenly the volume scroll died.

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