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Fan Types AF vs SP


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Trying to make sure that I understand the difference before I go out and buy something.


First of all, these fans are unbelievably well designed. I am a huge fan.


SP stands for Static Pressure, meant for CPU Coolers and Water cooler Radiators.


AF means Air Flow, and they are meant for intake and output of air from restricted/unrestricted areas. Not specifically designed for constant static flow.


I am looking for fans for the top, back, and side of my 600T. I don't know if I will end up covering all slots, but the AF series is what I am looking for correct?


And If I was wanting to push/pull on my Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, I would be looking at the SP series, right?





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As i have understand, AF is for exhast, and intake if there is no restrictions. SP is for radiators and intake if you, lets say having a HDD cage that you need to push air through and into your case, or something else which is close to the intake fan.


So, for a intake fan in the sidedoor with nothing blocking the air, i would say AF. Top and back, also AF.

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I use SP fans for intake as my case has very tight mesh filters and AF fans struggled too much too get the air flow I needed, I even held the filter in front of the AF fans and you could hear them drop rpm's, then I would move the filter away and you could hear the rpm's go up, also the AF fans got louder with the filter in front of them but the SP fans do not.
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