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H100i questions


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Just joined forum as I have just received and opened the H100i package.

I have been studying all the threads related to the issues with the new H100i.


So far I have not installed it.


I am building a new system (Gigabyte Z77X-UP5-TH, Corsair TX750, Corsair Vengeance LP 16GB, Intel HD4000 graphics for now).




1. All the videos and manuals I have seen so far of the H100i, the pump is mounted on the CPU such that the pipes are on the right hand side (next to the memory DIMMS). Is it possible (and OK) to mount the pump so that the pipes are on the left hand side (towards the back of the case) ?


2. According to the manual FAQ, there should be Air Flow Direction markers on teh stock fans. On teh fans I received, there are no markings at. I can work it out, but which way does the fan blow the air ?


3. I have done a "bench test" of the cooler - just attached the stock fans to the pump and the pump to the PSU and my laptop to the USB socket on the pump. The Link s/w I stalled on the laptop is the latest 2.2.0. It detects the H100i and the fans fine. I can confirm the rattling/buzzing noise in the "Default" mode and they are generally quite loud. I confirm that for me, they are annoying (as the case fans are completely silent). I have not updated the firmware to the latest to the fix that problem as it seems to brick the pump. The question is (a) how long before we get a fix for the fix ? or (b) should I just return the H100i ?



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  • Corsair Employees

1.) Yes you can install the pump head in a different orientation without issue. The only thing to take into account is the cable orientation after installation. The USB cable was designed to go at a 90 degree bend to the top of the MB for cable routing behind the MB tray in most cases. If you mount it upside down the cable may not be long enough to go back around to the top of the MB and may need to run down the front of the MB to the internal USB header. Your mileage may vary.


2.) The airflow on the fans provided with the H80i/H100i is intake on the fan blade side and exhaust on the frame/housing side. Air will exhaust to the side with the arms holding the motor structure.


3.) Some users are experiencing issues with flashing the software. Some are reporting a high frequency whine from the fans post flash. My recommendation is if you are going to return the unit anyway, or even considering it, flash it first and if you have any problems, send it back. If it does fix the problem for you, you have a unit ready to be installed. It is your choice. We are looking into all situations being reported at this time and will provide updates as they are available. At this time I can not provide a date when we will have updates for any situations reported in the last week since the new firmware and software were released.

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Cool Guy,

Many thanks for the comprehensive answers.


Couple more questions if I may:


4. The stock fans are quite audibly noisy (on top of the grinding). After the initial blast of noise on power up, the noise diminishes but not much lower. The ambient temp is 21 deg C and the pump is floating in the air (i.e. not attached to the CPU). Should the fans be audible at all in this case ?


5. I tried reducing the noise of the fans by using Link s/w and setting the RPM's to a fixed rate of 450 RPM (as a test) but the RPM's will not reduce the rate to that value. The minimum rate seems to be around 560 RPM no matter what value I set. Even at this rate, the fans are very audible. Do I have faulty fans ?


Many thanks.

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  • Corsair Employees

4. That's about right when you boot the system, the fans will run at max then slow down once in Windows/OS. What ever profile you have last saved the fans rpm, then it should go to that profile, if it was max, then that is probably the reason why it is a little bit audible.


5. The 1.0.4 FW was meant to raise the fans minimum rpm to fix the rattle issue caused by a combination of the PWM frequency of the built-in fan controller and the fan motor.

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Thx for the quick reply.


Just a clarification:


4. I have not upgraded the firmware to 1.0.4 but still on the original. I set the fan speed manually to a fixed rate of 450 RPM and they go down to around 560 RPM. But at that rate, the fans are very audible - at that rate should they not be near silent ?

Either the Link s/w is not displaying the speed correctly, or the fans are faulty ?


5. As I said in 4. above, i have not changed the firmware to 1.0.4 yet. What's the minimum fixed speed that can be set for the original firmware ?


Many thanks for your support.

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Do the fans look like there running at 500RPM?

Not sure. They not at maximum (like when they start on power-up). To be honest I don't think they are running ~ 500 RPM. The gigabyte BIOS reports that the CPU Fan is running at around 2200 RPM. If that is correct, then the loudness that I am hearing makes sense. If they are running at ~ 2200 RPM, then the Link s/w is NOT working: (a) it is not setting the fan speed to what I am asking it do; and (b) it is not reporting the correct speeds.


I am really hesitant to upgrade the firmware to 1.0.4 for the fear of bricking the pump completely (based on most of the feedback I have read so far here) as it's the only cooler I have.

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If you plugged the H100i 3-pin header to the CPU_FAN header, That is the pump's RPM.
Thanks for the info. That kind of makes sense - it never varies - seems very constant.


I did try the other fan connector on the H100i but that made no difference. It sounds like the fans are running at about about 80% of max. One fan is always revving about 100 RPM more than the other.


When I set the modes to different values, here's what I observe (temp refers to average temp of 4 cpu cores). NOTE: Stock firmware (without upgrade)


Mode            RPM   Temp            Noise
Fixed RPM       560   26    base line (just bearable - but not for the wife !)
Quiet           930   26    Goes up (bearable for a while)
Balanced        1350  24    Goes up little more (bearable for a short time)
Performance     1615  25    Goes up even more (not bearable)
Maximum         2516  23    Goes up quite a lot (definitely not good).


Not sure if the core temps are accurate (reported by the OS).

RPM's above are as reported by Link s/w (and don't believe they are accurate for Fixed & Quiet mode).


What RPM's do other folks get at the various mode settings ?

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