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Vengeance 2000 headset


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I own a vengeance 2000 headset that started to crack at the base of the left side where you adjust the length. This happend the first week when i was using the headset it started as a small crack but now two months later the crack is wide open and i can even see the cables inside.


The headset has been handled with extreme care no stretching just sliding on head as safe as possible no laying down with the headset or anything that would wear the headset out quickly.


I am from sweden and i bought the headset from a swedish site called Komplett.se i contacted them last week and got an answer today saying they cannot replace my headset.


So i came here instead because i have seen some threads posted here before who had the exact same crack as me in the headset.


Other then the crack i love the headset very much its 100 % amazing comfortable and i was planning to use it for years if it would last that long but not sadly it looks like its only gonna last another week so i hope that i can get my issue solved here.

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I just received the mail with where i should send my headset and so on but before i do it im alittle curious how much it would cost to send it since i am sending it to anothing country.


My package is supposed to go to Veluwezoom 50, 1327 AH

Almere, The Netherlands and im from sweden so im curious what the costs to ship it there would be.

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry I would not have any idea; we are not a shipping company.

I would suggest calling our customer service by phone if you do not want to post you Case number. You can call the toll free number listed under contact on the main site using SKYPE for free.

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