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k90 keyboard quit working... waiting for rma


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My k90 keyboard quit working the other day, lights were flashing and multiple keys appeared to be stuck as the same time. I unplugged the keyboard and plugged it back in only to get nothing at all, as in windows will not even detect it. I hooked it up to two other computers with same result, and my logitec keyboard fired right up no issues.

I did put in a RMA request, but no confirmation of that occurred, and when I recovered the info its missing different information every time I bring it up, I resubmit, but still have heard nothing, is there a phone number I can call or some other way to get this going, I replaced this logitec for a reason (it intermittently doesnt work) and would like to get things going, its been 3 days so far (max 48 hours was listed on the website).



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Ok, Notice I got said that re delivery has to be initiated by recipient by website or calling 800 number or it will be returned.


Contact our customer service to let them know. Who did you have ship for you? If they left a notice, that means they did not properly go through receiving. The UPS and Fedex Drivers that come to us already know the policy to avoid this.

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