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hx750 buzzing on load


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Hi everyone and Ram guy~!


I have a question. Recently i changed the hx650 with hx750 and the cable of hx650 in the graphic card was not returned and i kept that in the card! so two 6pins cable is now in use for the hx750 ,can this give a buzzing sound or what? Or do i have to use the cables of hx750 for the hx750? I have no buzzing sound what so ever only when my pc is at load, watching youtube on 720p and 1080p gives me a light buzz. And when playing game i hear a light sort of (old)hard drive load from my PSU.


I had a RECOM PSU before and it was not giving a buzz ,only when i played games for hours there was 10 seconds a buzz sound,thats it!


Please can you help ? This is my second Corsair PSU and its driving me really crazy.

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