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H60 problem or not?


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I have a new build with ASUS Sabertooth 990FX & AMD 8150. When I first assembled it, I used the standard processor heat sink & it all worked well. When I put the H60 in, it would not get into BIOS. The motherboard seemed to shut down during Boot media checks after a quick second flash from the CPU LED. Nothing had appeared on the screen at this stage.

I took the H60 & processor out, re-seated it (with Arctic Silver Ceramique 2) and had the same result.

I took the H60 out again & put the standard heat sink back in and it all worked again.

When I had a bit of time to spare, I put the H60 back in and, after experimenting with spreading the paste, to check whether I had the correct amount on etc, this time it worked.

One week later, I turned it on this morning and it shut down as it had done previously. Re-seating the H60 didn't work but replacing the standard heat sink did.

As the standard heat sink seems to give a good result, I think that there is something wrong with the H60 but the pump and the fan are both working, with one pipe warm & the other cold. The AMD fixing brackets on the H60 seem to distort slightly as I tighten them and I wonder if it is lifting off the processor in the middle of the copper face. I don't really overtighten the fixings but I want to stop it sliding around on the CPU so do them up quite tight.

Has anyone any ideas?

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I've been playing with the H60 while the stock cooler is in place.


The H60 pump has a 3 pin plug and I only have one 3 pin socket on the MB so I used that. The socket does not become live until after the MB has done the start up check so the pump doesn't run while the CPU is powered up & checked. The CPU obviously has a quick rise in temperature during the start up check which isn't subject to cooling water taking the heat away and which leads to the MB shutting down.

I'll try again with the pump plugged into the CPU OPT socket which is live throughout the check and see if it works.

Does this seem to be an ok state of affairs?

Can the CPU overheat within fifteen seconds even with the cooler in place but not pumping or does it indicate a CPU fault?

Why do the fan sockets not become live before the start up check is finished?

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When I said that the brackets distorted, I meant that the screws pull them down towards the motherboard so that they dip a little bit down from level, probably because of tolerances in the bracket fit on the cooler pump. They are not bent. If I release the screws to the point where they stay level, the cooler pump comes loose on and moves around on the CPU. I'm not putting a spanner on them and folding the brackets down. I could get pliers on them and tighten them more but that would start to bend them. It feels right to tighten them to the point where there is no movement of the pump on the CPU but no more. I guess that there is an element of feel about the degree of tightening.


Anyway, I have the H60 on again, tightened as described above but with both the radiator fan and the pump on CPU headers. That has got the machine starting up ok and with CPU temperatures in the 30's rather than the 40's that the stock cooler gave me, it seems to be working.


I'm curious as to why:

a - the fan headers don't get live until the start-up check is done and

b - the CPU temperature seems to rise quickly enough during this timeto force a shut down

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1. Only ASUS can answer it as it is they manufactured the board.

2. This is to prevent damage to the CPU.


I'm not sure if this is 100% safe, so its best wait for RAM GUY's response. But i would try plug it in a 3-pin to molex adapter and see if it boots up fine. It may be a possibility that the BIOS did not detect a reading from the CPU_FAN header. Try plug a fan there and see if it boots.

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I think that the MB detects a fan in both/either of the CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT headers because with the stock cooler in either, it starts up fine. With the H60 radiator fan in the CPU & the pump in the OPT, it starts up fine (at present!)


I'll get an adapter and plug it into the psu if there is an issue with using the 3 pin plug on the CPU_OPT header but that works at present so fingers crossed.


Thanks for your help.

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