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M90 Mouse stops working intermittently


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I recently bought a Vengeance M90 MMO/RTS mouse and after only a day of usage I've noticed that it intermittently seems like it's losing a connection.


Two problems happen on a consistent basis:


1. The mouse will suddenly lose the ability to track and sometimes the ability to click. This generally happens whenever a program starts up or is terminated. Functionality only returns after replugging the mouse.


2. The lights on the mouse turn off and the cursor disappears from Windows, after waiting several seconds the lights will turn back on and the cursor will reappear. Something may briefly flash on the Windows taskbar as this is occurring as well.



I am using the latest firmware and driver software and have tried reflashing the firmware a few times. As of yet I have not had any issues with the mouse in software mode and they seem to occur only in hardware mode.


Is there any way to determine whether this is a software issue or an issue with the mouse itself? I have yet to try the mouse on another computer but I was wondering if these symptoms match with any known problem.

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Do you have the latest BIOS and chipset drivers installed?


Both the BIOS and chipset drivers are up-to-date. Problem still occurs occasionally now even without driver software installed. I don't know if it's just me making up trends where I don't see them, but it also seems to happen whenever CPU usage is very high.

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I was about to send it in to the seller to replace it, when I suddenly managed to very reliably replicate the problem.


I'm not sure about the first problem, but the second problem is almost certainly due to static. I have a carpeted floor, and I noticed that the problem will very reliably occur whenever I walk away a few steps, come back and then touch the mouse. It even occurs every single time I take my hand off the mouse to type and then touch it again. The thing is, aside from a couple instances, the static is so unnoticeable that I don't even feel it. I've tried taking it off the mousepad but there's no improvement. If I ground myself by touching my computer case before I touch the mouse then the problem never occurs.


Update: Just found that it also results in the first problem. Sometimes the mouse regains functionality after a few minutes, sometimes it doesn't and it requires a replug. It seems ridiculously sensitive. I can let go of the mouse, shift a little, then touch it again and it'll turn off.

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