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For all of you with problems with Corsair voyager flash drives! READ


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I was reading the forum yesterday and noticed all the problems with the flash voyager usb 3.0 devices, and maybe other devices as well.


I took my usb drive, an old 16gb voyager (non gt) usb2.0 model with the kick *** fast memory chip. plugged it to the computer, win 7 did install the drivers and device automatically, but sometimes it was not being recognized correcly inside MY PC, or recognized with no volume label "corsair", or sometimes windows asked me to format it. And on Win 7 took ages to make the drive accessible since when plugged in win 7, in MY PC a green bar started to search and took ages to end.


I thought my drive was dead, plain simple. Then i tried it on a laptop and it was working fine without any problem.


I have a gigabyte H55N-usb3 motherboard. I updated my usb3.0 renesas firmware to the latest one.


But what i think the problem was is the antivirus NOD 32. I completely got rid of the antivirus and installed mcafee and those symptoms i had with my corsair flash drive dissapeared.

So watch out for what antivirus you are using, that seems to cause some serious problems.



On the other hand , if your drive becomes write protected, please try to format it on an xbox360 or ps3, there are some reports that the consoles end up formating usb devices with that problem, then take it back to the pc and format it again.



just my 2 cents.

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