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CMZ24GX3M6A1600C9 odd problem with vga


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hi there i hava CMZ24GX3M6A1600C9 module that i want to use with rampage extreem 2 but when i insert the module and configure that is run till vga bios post than it hang. it seems to strange to me.

nothing further than that i have msi pe oc 670 graphics card. i cange my vgacard but nothing change..can some one show me correct way to work with it i know that is compatible with my board cus i search that on corsair memory finder tool.

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At this point it would be best to test the modules one at a time in the first MB slot with memtest86+ (links on the left side).


Make sure you have the latest BIOS for your MB and then load set-up defaults or resest the BIOS to be sure there are no settings stuck in the BIOS preventing them from running correctly.


Let each stick run for 3 passes each or until you get an error. If you find one stick that has errors, or multiple sticks that have erors , try them in another MB slot and re-run them through memtest


If they all pass in the first slot on their own then the memory should be good and your problem would point toward some other issue. Most likely a voltage adjustment.


If you get one stick out of the kit that fails in the first slot, then you need to have the kit replaced.


EDIT... what are the exact timings ad voltages you are using with these modules? And have you tried using the XMP profile?

I would try setting the DIMM voltage to 1.65v and the QPI voltage at 1.35v and see if it is more stable.


Also what CPU do you have?

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