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Maximus V Gene compatible vengeance ram...


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user of maximus v gene,can you give an advice what corsair vengeance ram compatible on this board that you already test ,it seem that i read some forum about compatibilty issue on vengeance. im goin to build my rig and i dont want mess up my board. please help ..thanks ,oh can you include the model number thanks again.
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With any MB or RAM you are going to read about an issue here or there .Most are either incorrect settings, bad MB or BIOS issues. But not incompatibility.


I can assure you that ANY of the Vengeance kits would be compatible with that MB and CPU.


Also just because a certain module is not listed on a QVL or compatibility list does not mean it will not work. It is impossible for MB manufacturers and the memory manufacturers to test EVERY combination of of the two. Those QVl's are just a list of modules that they have tested. Again, it's impossible to test every set of modules from every manufacturer. So those lists are always incomplete or not up to date.


If you would rather wait for RamGuy or someone else to respond I have no problem with that, but I can tell you 100% that those modules are compatible with that CPU/MB and you will not receive a different answer.


If you look your MB up on the Corsair memory finder you can clearly see that there are plenty of Vengeance series modules listed as compatible. You will notice they only list three sets on the first page, be sure you click "next" at the bottom of the first set of results.




Also listed on the Vengeance product description page


Optimized for Compatibility with the Latest CPUs and Motherboards


Vengeance memory is designed specifically for the latest CPUs. Vengeance modules are available in 1.65, 1.5V, and 1.35V configurations for maximum compatibility with all Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and i7 processors, as well as the 2nd generation Intel Core processor family. With dual channel, triple channel, and quad channel kits, there's a Vengeance configuration that's perfect for your motherboard.


Designed for use with all motherboards with dual DDR3 memory channels.

This is from a 16 gig kit , but applies to ALL Vengeance series modules

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