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advance RMA problem


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Hello ! I have a problem and time is running out :):


Today I've received the new Ram sticks kit (2x2gb) as an advance RMA, and one of the two sticks has errors on it, just like my previous kit :/ Tested with memtest, every stick and slot possible etc, one stick is fine the other has errors whatever the slot (well the usual testing routine).


So, I have one good stick from my previous kit ( which i've not sent back to corsair yet, but have to send it tomorrow or as soon as possible since it was an advance RMA ) and one good stick from the new kit. If i pair the old working one with the new working one, it works flawlessly, i tested it all day long.


Question is, can I send back the old faulty stick + the new faulty stick ? And keep the old working one + the new working one. Instead of sending back my old 2x2kit...being stuck with this new faulty kit that I'll have to rma again etc ... I'm getting scared i'll receive a third broken kit :D

Plus this computer needs 4gb badly, the downtime with 2gb for two weeks was already very annoying :sigh!:

I'd love to get some help here please :):



Some details, if needed :


-The kit is CML4GX3M2A1600C9, Vengeance LP 2x2gb.

-RMA number was #5293415, and I've been given by email a new number after the advance RMA got accepted. Advance RMA # is 1283511.


(By the way using this new RMA number and my previous password or no password at all on the support page doesn't work, it says "case does not exist ". No big deal i guess, but how can i check the status then ? )



What are my options here ?

Thanks a lot !

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I would suggest calling our customer service because they can over ride the default options. I mean if both of the working modules are working together then it should be fine but normally we would suggest replacing them as a set.
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