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Corsair H100i - one of the thumbscrews snapped off


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So I just got my new Corsair H100i today, and something disastrous happened during the installation. Specifically, one of the thumbscrews that are supposed to secure in with the standoffs, snapped off with a chunk of it stuck inside :( That's both parts almost useless now.


I have included some pics of this below - sorry for not the bad cam focus.

Also, note that I was using my hand to gently tighten in this screw when this happened, not a screwdriver.


Is it RMA time?





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Please use the link on the left and request an RMA but in the comments section explain that you need the hardware package only and not the entire unit. I'm sure they will send you one as soon as possible.


Alternately, you can call CS and explain this to them, it will be taken care of in minutes instead of waiting for forum/email responses.


If you happen to be within your retailers return time frame i would return the unit back to them, because i would not chance using the unit with just three screws holding that on.

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