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Need help for a Simple K90 Macro


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Hello Forum,

As i bought here in Brazil a US Layout and sometimes I like to write the German Characters like ä or ü I was thinking to program them.


To write the ä I hold Alt and type 132. After releasing the Alt key I will have my ä.

When I try to do this in a macro with the G Key's this don't work. Any help how I can do it?


Firmware and Driver is Up to date. I use W7 64Bit.


PS.: My Keyboard is one week old and today the t key was repeating until I pressed a other key. As many people have something like this and I believe it is a Software matter, please do something to solve it.


Thank you and regards Mikel

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Hello MikelMolto,

You have to save/write the profile into the keyboard firmware and then use the Hardware Playback option to accomplish what you want.


I use the same macro to write some Spanish characters such as á, é, í, ó, ú,ñ, etc.

Btw I recommend you a 1ms delay.


I hope this helps you.

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