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800D side panels problem


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Hi ,;):

So i have the same problem with both my side panels as paulb787.


I didn't used the side panels after removing them the first time, because I was building my rig and had to wait for my H100i :D:, led strips:D:and my AF140 fans:cool:, today was the first time I put them back. Almost 2 hours trying to get them back on:(:, finally I powered my pc and looked for this problem and I saw this post,after reading this post, I unscrew the screws from the rod like RamGuy said , and it helped, but now I see that the panels don't fit perfect at the top :confused:, outside at the middle off the panels where the rod is holding the panels they stick out for 2mm at the sides the are straight with the top of the case.I looked at the panels and at the middle off the top they are not straight, they are in the middle a little bent outside , I tried to straighten it, but the panel is here double layered, so there is no go on this:mad:.

RamGuy should I put a another rma for the panels, because there is already a rma for the front and front foot for this case, case number ;#5247129, here they asked my address for replacing these parts, so I filled out the on-line rma with my address, but I don't get any reaction back any more the last 2 weeks from Tech Support about it,:nono::nono:.

Also I have a OCZ Vertex 4 ssd:cool: and this works perfect when I put it straight to my mobo, but when I put it in the hot swap bay my mobo don't see it, I tried every hot swap and every sata 2 and 3 connector on my mobo, installed the latest bios for my mobo,Changed the sata 6 cables with those of my mobo, tried ahci and ide mode in bios, but still no go, very strange:confused:, because the 2 hdd I have work perfect in the hot swap, I had the case delivered with the sata 6 back panel and usb3,the panel gets its power straight from the psu, no other device connected to this power line.

First I was trilled about this case, but now I have mixed feelings about it:hmmm:.

Best Regards


Sorry for my English:):.

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It passed my mind too rma the entire case:thinking:, but because my first rma for some parts of this case is already 3weeks back and I am still waiting for a answer from tech support:eek:, I think this is the best way and rma the side panels.

My rig is running and I can use it:roll:, if I return the case, I have to dissemble my rig and god knows how long I have to wait before I get the new one and in between time I can't use my rig:nono:.

For the vertex4 ssd I bought a 2.5 to 3.5 converter so I can put it in the lower 3.5 bays, bought the case for the hot swap, but ended up by putting one drive( ssd) in the bottom bays, this is a little extra cost again, converter and a new sata6 cable:sigh!:.

I hope somebody of the tech support see this post and can help me about the side panels and my other rma.

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Your right Toasted :headbang:, rma the side panels and sata6 plate is the best way, but I hoped that one of the tech support guys saw this post and could give me some info if I have to do a new rma request for the panels and plate or if I can put these problems with the other rma for this case, so the 2 rma for this case become one rma.

I hope Ramguy :praise:can help me about these rma.

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Thank you Ramguy:winking: and Toasted:winking:.

I just did a request for the rma , filled out the parts,

only I didn't knew what the parts numbers where from my first rma , so I had to put the casenumber of that rma in this rma.

Stuped me:brick:, after sending the rma I did some searching at the website I found one part from the old rma, this is SKU: CC800D-Fascia, but the front foot and pci brackets I don't find any where.

So now I have to wait for tech support to mail me the new rma number and put the number here, if I am right:thinking:.


A little bad luck with this 800D case, it can happen to every one and brand, but hey, still happy, my h100i is silent now: love the link software :D:and my ram is still super fast:D: and the 3 AF140 fans are the best, silent, beautiful and at a good price:cool:.


:bling:Off topic, a nice upgrade for the 800D, is a SP140 fan and a bracket for the roof 140mm to 120mm, this for the water-cooling guys with the big rads, also a bracket for mounting a 140 or 120 extra fan at the bottom of the case(clip or magnetic) and a original Corsair magnetic dust filter for the 140mm rear fan and 3x120mm top fans so some people can use it as intake and don't have to worry about dust sucking in and as last a fan bracket for a 120mm fan in the front 5.25 bays should be a nice upgrade for the 800D.

Maybe we see this in a new case:headbang:.



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A Question, how long does it take for a rma part is shipped.:confused:

I ask this because I am still waiting on my parts:(:, I don't know from which country the parts are shipping from, or how long it takes for delivery.:dunno:

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Well my first rma request dated from 11-6-2012 and my rma second request on 11-28-2012.

This is something I don't understand:confused:. This is really depressing:(:, Last year I had 2 broken af140 fans and this was replaced by Corsair Europe within a week, But with this case I find it strange that it take this long for the 2 rma.

This is something I am not happy about:[pouts:, knowing that Corsair normally is one off the best when comes on warrenty and after market service.

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Corsair Tech/ customer sevice/ RamGuy and the other Corsair people and users who helped me, THANKS:praise::praise::praise:

Happy Corsair 800D user now:bling::bling:,

last week and today i got all the parts and now this case is a beauty and every time i look at it gives me a good feeling:cool:.

Besides the problems i had with this case, i can advise it too every body who is searching for a big case:headbang:.

Also i updated my h100i (firmw. 1.04) with the 1.05 firmware because i had the whining noise from the fans, now the fans didn't make any heavy whining noise after the update , but yesterday after a long time gaming, the fans suddenly makes sometimes the whining noise/sound again but not so heavy but also sometimes a little rattle noise, so i disconnected the fans from the cooler and put them on the mobo, the pump is quiet.

The fans make a strange rattle/whinig noise some times and this hooked up at the mobo or h100i pump.

So I think they are maybe faulty, they sometimes rattles now with the start up from pc till windows screen appears, then they still rattles/whining slightly some times and this with connected to mobo or pump, i didn't hear this with the other firmware because the 2 fans had a heavy whining sound.

Should i rma these fans , i don't want too send de h100i back because this cooler works great and quiet, only the fans are making the sound problem sometimes.

I also hooked up for a try 2 af140 fans and 2 scythe 1900rmp fans at the pump and the pump and fans made no strange noise.


Some users here are saying that this company is bad and other stuff:nono::nono::offtopic:,

Just don't listen to them, If you buy something from a company that sells a lot, you always have to keep in mind that sometimes you can buy a faulty one.

Then The service/warranty that a company have kicks in and here starts the difference in the company's.

I bought a lot of stuff from Corsair and yes I was also one off the unlucky ones,that bought a faulty product, but tech-support, customer service and of course Ram Guy and the other Corsair guys here, they fixed the problems for my case in a very good order and i can say in this case it took a while but i can ensure you Corsair is a brand that always fix the problem:toomuchin.

So have patience and respect for Corsair and the guys here, they want the same thing as you and that is that you can enjoy Corsair products with no problems.

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So my 800D is a beauty now and I'm enjoining it every day, thanks to RamGuy and every body here and the tech support.:D:

Now we are 3 weeks further and the fans of the h100i are definitive broke I think:thinking:, because they keep rattling more and more, the high pitch sound that some times was there is gone but the rattling is more now:confused:.

The rattling is not very loud, but you can here it above the rest of the fans in the case.

I also had them disconnected from the cooling radiator, but still the same rattling:(:.

I think I'm going to ask for rma for the fans only, is this possible only doing a rma for the fans, the h100i pump is dead silent and I like it very much, only those fans are making that very annoying rattle noise.:damnit:

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