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drive failed


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Same issue here. BIOS can't find the SSD anymore.


CSSD-F120GB2, just decided NOT to work anymore. BOOOOM. :evil:


First thing I tried was connecting it as an external harddrive on an other computer, same issue.


I bought a SSD because I thought it was going to bee a reliable and fast harddrive. What can I say, yes it was fast, very fast, but it didn't last. :mad:


And NO I didn't have the newest firmware before failure. About 3 month after purchase I updated to a newer version (from 1.x to something like 2.x or 3.x, I can't remember exactly). Corsair can't demand their costumers that they will check this Support Forums every week just to check if there is an new update out. After I updated the firmware once I just thought this thing would work. And it did until now.


And also note that the follow-up F120 3 had huge issues leading to an recall.


I'm really disappointed. And yes I do have a backup, thing is that it's already 3 month old and as a mater of fact I had planned a new backup just this weekend. Too late now.


The stated MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), well well well... yeah right (not).

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