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New firmware replaces grinding with a more irratible high pitch noise.


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yes but can you control the rpm of the noctua with corsair link?


i must be one of the few that prefer stock fans,the link does a superb job controlling them,,i have 15 of them installed in 2 computers and the way their set up their as quiest as any fan but still good enough to cool things even under a big load

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Oh so that's what the sound was... I kept thinking that it was my graphics card and its coil whine. Thing is I don't hear the high pitched whining unless the CPU has been under load for some time. It's pretty intermittent. Sometimes my H80i will be in a good mood and basically be silent.
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I have the same issue. I have noticed you can't adjust fan speed much either (1900-2100 rpm) and I'm using SP120's x4.


Also a LinkCommander won't detect the H100i.


Same issue with the fan speed with 4x sp120.


But my unit is working fine no noise since the firmware update.

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Looks like Overclockers.co.uk also had this high pitched noise issue




The major downside is the "rattling" noise from the stock fans at low rpm with the early firmware and the new "whining" noise from the fans with the new updated firmware, hopefully there will be another update that removes both, or maybe having the option to flash back to the earlier firmware would be good also as then you can just set the minimum rpm to a bit above stock and that fixes the rattle while remaining silent.


If Corsair can fix the fan noise problem then it will get 9/10.
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Yes we will have a fix for it soon and I would not suggest doing the firmware update unless you have the fan noise.



Will this new update allow me to fully adjust fan speed on my corsair sp120 High Performance Edition CO-9050008-WW?


I added those fans to my h100i and with latest firmware and software only the original (gray) fans can be adjusted through corsair link software.




Also are there plans to make it so that the fan type and rpm speed can be tested once through a setup menu in the options instead of firing off all 4 fans at full blast everytime the computer boots up?


If not where would be a good place to voice this concern?



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At this time only the fans that come with the H100/H100I are suggested with eh cooler, I would suggest using another controller with our fans.



Is this an oversight or will there be an update soon to allow for fans other than the included fans to work properly?


Thank you for the response. :)

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  • Corsair Employees
will there be a update on this thread? if there is a new firmware?


because I'm getting a headache from this sound.


Yes, once the update is official, we will release it in the public. In the meantime, try to connect the fans directly to the motherboard and see if it makes a difference in noise.

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It's been a little around 2 weeks since we last got the news of another supposed update. It is unfortunate to say that, I am getting fed up and tired with putting up with this noise.


I am going to re-post what I posted previously a little over a month ago (with a minor alteration--:!:swapping out rattling with high pitch noise:!:):


RAM GUY--If it is too much to ask, would it be alright to request Corsair to send me a fan cable splitters, so that I may use the fans on the H100i. Unfortunately I only have one spare fan port open left on my motherboard. Also, I did what echosky suggested and the :!:high pitch noise:!: did in fact die down. However, again; I only have one fan port left open on my motherboard, so I won't be able to do that.


Also, I would highly suggest Corsair to include one or two(for those wishing to do a push-pull config) cable splitters with the H100i in the meantime, while you guys manage to solve this irritable issue.

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So that's what the annoying sound coming from my case is. Not only is the Sierra2 software crashing/lagging my machine, but now the fans are making my case annoying.


\o/ YAY \o/


Wow, a month has passed. Can Ram Guy and Cool Guy please post an update.

My H100i fans on "" "QUIET MODE""" are spitting out, a mid-high pitch sound that is louder than my three 200mm case fan on full speed and an ATI hair dryer (over clocked gpu with turbine fan).


I am getting sick and tired of them and wish there is replacement fans supplied by corsair. If it is a simple PWM or firmware issue, I am sure that Corsair would have solved it ages ago. The longer we wait, the more we point towards a hardware issue.


Moreover, does anyone experience a weird HDD read every 1 second whenever Corsair link is running? So apart from that mid-high pitch fan noise I also get a click from my HDD every second. It only stops if I end that SerriaGPU. exe.




I checked settings and logging is clearly off. Why does it need to read my HDD every second???


Anyone found a fix for it?

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