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Help with Rebate.


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Well, I've been trying to get my rebate all day but I can't because the rebate website is so mind numbingly slow that I have to let it load for 10-15 minutes a page, and by the time I get to entering my personal information, I can't load any pages at all and therefor can't continue the process.


I was hoping someone on here that represents corsair could help me out. I purchased a Corsair Vengeance 1500 gaming headset, and it was labeled as a 20 dollar rebate on tiger direct; which is partly the main reason why I bought it. Upon trying to get my rebate, the fine print says I'll get an American Express Gift Card and this is pretty much a deal breaker for me.


I was wondering if possible to receive a rebate check, as that's what I was expecting when I made the purchase in the first place, and also was wondering if someone could help me for actually obtaining the rebate since the website's reliability to claim the rebate is rather low. (Although, I've seen some posts saying that you give Visa rebate cards, and I assume you can cash those in for full value somewhere? At least I would hope.)


Thanks! :)

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