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Help!: MSI K8N Neo2 Problems


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I just bought the new MSI 939 AMD64 motherboard, and have had nothing but problems.


When I have my Corsair XMS TWINX PC3200LLPT v1.1 (bh5) installed in Dual Channel configuration, the system hangs on "memory test" according to the D bracket 2 diagnostic lights and refuses to post. Now, if I put the RAM in a single channel configuration, the system boots fine, but the ram is only set at 166mhz....


Anyone have any idea whats going on here???


I've tested this ram extensivly on my old setup using MemTest86 and was unable to find any errors, so I don't think it's my ram... I also tried some 256mb single sided corsair value ram sticks in dual channel configuration, and the system would not post. Any ideas????

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