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tx750v2 noisy after bios uypdate


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I have a tx750v2 psu and it was working great and silently for a month, until i updated my bios.

The asus bios update for the sabertooth x79 is 3102.

Since the update the fan is making more noise and it doesnt stop running.I can hear it and also air is pushed constantly (cool air) from behind the psu. My temps are not high.

Are there any bios settings that could have messed with the update and that are confusing the psu?

can you point some temps to look after that trigger the psu fan?

i have read the noisy fan sticky and done all except to put the psu in another system, since there isnt one available.


thank you fot the help

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The BIOS on your MB and the fan in the PSU are totally isolated and the fan runs independent of the MB; are you sure it is the fan in the PSU and maybe not some other FAN in your system? Have you tried just connecting a HDD and case fan to the PSU with everything else disconnected and turn it on with a paper clip
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