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CMP16GX3M4X1600C7 Limits X79 project


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Hi all


I'm looking for recommendations on how to overclock the CMP16GX3M4X1600C7, like max voltage and general assessment regarding Asus RIVE overclock.


This is my second build, so my knowledge is a bit old school...





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A lot depends on what the CPU IMC can allow (& the RAM itself). In the loose sense, the RAM you have is a tiny bit under JEDEC standard for running 1600 speed as it is. 1600 is the native supported speed for the platform, so no issues there. It's going to take possibly a lot of 'good old fashioned' trial & error with timing settings, Command Rate, & DRAM V's. Max. DRAM V. is 1.50v's + or - 0.075v's. 1.60v's is generally speaking a reasonably safe setting, with 1.65v's being often recognized as the high 'limit' to not exceed.


There are so many variables, it is difficult to offer any specific settings, but maybe try this, Frequency 1866, 9 9 9 24, CR 2, (optional - maybe experiment some with tRFC), DRAM V. 1.55-1.575v's, SA 0.970v's.



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