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RMA Case #5160395


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First experience buying corsair memory, have had several competitors before now, but the bang for the buck with you guys on DDR3 when I built my machine is what lured me over here. I had a stick go bad a little over a month in, and just got around to sending it in recently.


Express RMA, received perfect functional set very promptly, so kudos there.


Defective product was sent back via UPS, tracking number available if you'd like, I checked to make sure, and it arrived last week, with the RMA number clearly printed on the label. It arrived 1 week ago, and I am now seeing a charge on my credit card for the full amount.


Product was sent back in original shipping box, with all four sticks in original packaging. 14 days from receipt of replacement set (Testing and work meant I didn't have much time to get it done early, but I was charged AFTER it arrived back)


I'd like an update ASAP as to why I have been charged. I understand that it's thanksgiving, and I'll be patient for now.


And to make things worse, this unexpected charge put me over limit on my credit card, and now I've got a $25 overage fee on there.


Not happy. It would have been cheaper at this point to buy new memory -_-

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I am sorry but it does not show it was received in the system yet. I would suggest calling our customer service by phone and provide them your POD and I am sure they will track it down for you and get you another set ASAP. You can call the toll free number on Monday after 7:30 AM Pacific time listed under Contact on the main site using SKYPE for free. I did send them a message but that is all I can do. I will send them a message for you but that is about all I can do from Tech support sorry!
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