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Yes, they would be compatible, and the modules are guaranteed to run at the rated speed.

However it will be heavily dependent on the strength or weakness of the memory controller in your CPU as to whether or not you will actually be able to run them that high.


Your CPU has a max supported memory frequency of 1333mhz and i seriously doubt you will be able to use memory that runs much faster than 1866mhz which would be a pretty large overclock to begin with. I can tell you 2800mhz is not going to happen with a Sandybridge CPU despite what your MB supports.


If the Platinums are what you are wanting i would suggest a 1600mhz or 1866mhz kit for your system. Anything higher would be a waste of money.


The Really high rated modules are more or less targeted towards serious overclockers that are running 30 second benchmarks and not something you would want for every day use.

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No worries, right now there is not one single CPU o the market that "officially support" memory frequencies that high. And I did make one mistake about your CPU. It does support memory up to 1600mhz natively. I said 1333mhz just because i wasn't sure what CPU you had.

A lot of people assume that since the MB supports memory that fast that they can just throw it i and it will work. But it's not that easy. You are more than welcome to buy those if you want, but i really doubt you will see actual speeds much above 2133mhz with that CPU.

1600 to 2400mhz is a pretty hefty memory overclock.


I do see a lot of users running 2133mhz with that CPU and some higher, but agai it would depend on the strength of the memory controller in your CPU. And there is no way to predicted how any CPU will overclock. I like to say they are like fingerprints. They are all different even within the same product line. So one 3770k may be able to run 2133mhz quite easily and the next one off the line will struggle hitting 1866mhz *shurgs*

Your other hardware will also have an impact on your overclocking results such as the MB. and they are the same way. Some boards overclock like a dream and some don't'


In the end it's your money and your hardware , so you base your decision on what you feel comfortable with. Again I think an 1866mhz kit would be a conservative choice that will still yield some great performance and be easy on your CPU.

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Thank You so much for the honest advice. My first reaction to that memory was "Wow" that is fast. But, thought that it may be overkill for what I am using my computer for. I mostly game but want good quality hardware that will last awhile and still yield good frames, smoothness and gameplay. If there was a major difference in 2800MHZ vs. 1866MHZ in games then maybe it would be worth the cost but, deep down I don't think the difference will be worth the cost atleast just for gaming.
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