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Lenovo W510 memtest86+ always fails test #7


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I have recently bought the CMSO16GX3M2A1333C9 kit for my W510 laptop.


I have removed the original 2x2GB modules and installed the new ones.


The memory passed every test on memtest86+ v4.20 except for test #7.


I thought it was an compatibility issue at first, however I have installed the original modules that came with my laptop (known stable for a few years) and they too fail at test #7.


What would be the best way to make sure that the new modules are working correctly?

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First make sure you clear the MB BIOS, With your particular model , I am unfamiliar with , but should be covered in your owners manual. That should be done before changing modules.


Once cleared, test each module individually and not as a pair.


If you decide to go back to your old modules make sure you clear the BIOS again and see if that works.


But if all the modules, old and new all fail the same test it may be a MB or CPU problem

Lets see what happens after clearing out the BIOS does first before we worry about that though.

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I'm sorry for answering that late, but I feel this thread deserves a resolution for completeness' sake.


I have tired clearing the BIOS settings and tested the system with single modules - memtest still fails test #7.


However every non-memtest (prime95, memtester) testing did not reveal any errors, even after 72 hours of non-stop testing.


So yeah... In spite of memtest results the system seems rock stable.

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Just as a note:

CMSO16GX3M2A1333C9 is not compatible with the Lenovo Thinkpad W510.


According to Lenovo it can only take a max of 4x4GB.

Ummm,... I knew that! I was just testing you!:roll:


To tell the truth I must have read the wrong part number or something because I was thinking it was a 4x4 gig kit. So, I'm glad you pointed that out..

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