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CX600 V2 Problem


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Hi, I recently bought used Corsair CX600 V2 power supply online (no warranty) to replace my LC 600H which was working just fine, but in which I did not have much faith for running my new configuration.


New configuration is based on new Asrock z77 extreme 4 motherboard, i5 3570k cpu with Diamond 4870x2 which I used from my last configuration.


After puting in CX600 V2, system (win 7 64bit) run fine for 10 or more days. In last couple of days it started to reboot itself for no good reason with no sys info or log messages of any kind (like system recovered from serious error or similar). It just reboots when internet browsing or on desktop. It has newer rebooted when playing games I noted, and I`m talking about serious power consuming games. Last night I could not even power on my pc so in frustration I put back in LC 600H psu. Everything is running fine now with my old power supply.

Today I did paper clip test on CX600 and it did it just fine. I did it couple of times to be sure, and it passed every time.


Can someone help me with this please?

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  • Corsair Employees

Minimum suggested PSU for that Configuration would be a 550 Watt based on our PSU tool.

Is the system stable with the old PSU?

And do you have Two Video Cards or the one card that is dual GPU's? If you have two Cards then the power may not be enough.

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It's a dual GPU card and the minimum PSU recommended is 550 watts which does not leave much for the rest of the system.


With your rig i would suggest no less that 750w psu. I believe you are just under powered.


Can you see what the voltages are being reported in your BIOS? Do not use a software based utility , they are often unreliable.

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