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Corsair Obsidian 800d - Hot Swap Bays


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Hi All,


I have recently aquired a Corsair Obsidian 800d case, all is well with it apart from the Hot Swap Bays. The bays appear to work perfectly fine with a standard 3.5 inch drive, the drive inserts and feels like it is making a good connection. However the 2.5 inch drives I use (SSD) don't appear to be making a proper contact with the backplane ports although the drives are pushed in as far as they will go. I have used the pre-drilled holes in the caddies for the drives.


Thinking that I might have a duff backplane, I ordered another one and installed it, same problem. I took the backplane out of the case and attached the SSD drives directly to it, this worked fine. To get the SSD drives working, I have had to secure the SSD drives to the caddies using double sided tape just a little further up the caddie, by about 3-5mm. Because of the close proximity to the predrilled holes I can't make any new holes of my own.


My question to you folks is has anyone else had this problem, if they did, what did they do to resolve?

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Check the frames on the cage and see if there are any bits where it could prevent the SSD from connecting to the backplane.


If i recall correctly, One user had to remove the plastic frame around the cage so the drive can connect to the backplane properly.

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