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No mention for non-upgradable OC DDR3 module on product's details.


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I bought CMT6GX3M3A1866C9 a 6GB Triple Channel DDR3 Memory Kit 1866mhz in 2009 for 367.87$ CA instead of an 24GB solution of 1333mhz or 1600mhz DDR3 for less in their competitor. I read all details on the website and made a search to be sure its compatible with my asus p6t ws pro motherboard. All seem fine; they are compatible 100%. Okay i voted for the high end 6GB solution over the cheap 1600mhz solution. All work fine if you manually setup your DDR3 in bios. Or maybe XMP would work on some bios version.


But the big hidded cons ! You can't really upgrade for more DDR3 later !


WTF ! I never see that in 25 years of pc gaming ! What a new evolution in high-tech solution ! You kidding me ? I can't mix the same thing because it can be unstable or just wont work together ?! After that the voice on Customer service call say me : Corsair is the most reliable and the best quality product on their market. Really ? Being unstable or incompatible with theirself is an quality and a proof of reliability ? Hummm, let me think 2 secs. You worth your name.


First; you never ever mention that unstability or incompatibility on your product's details. This is the 1st time in my life i saw an incompatibiity on the same kind of memory module. It worth an mention ! no ?


Why not mention this before the sale ; big con's = less value and less demand.


But its legal ? Not here !


Corsairs ! Don't forget the empire !

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No one says you "CAN'T" do it. What we say is that we cannot guarantee it to be stable because it is untested. And, this is a requirement of the motherboard makers and CPU makers, not of Corsair. So, feel free to try it. It may work, it may not work. If it doesn't, let us know and we'll try to help you.


I'll also ask that you DO NOT accuse us of lying again. That's against the rules, it's untrue, and not tolerated here.



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WTF ! I never see that in 25 years of pc gaming ! What a new evolution in high-tech solution ! You kidding me ? I can't mix the same thing because it can be unstable or just wont work together ?! After that the voice on Customer service call say me : Corsair is the most reliable and the best quality product on their market. Really ? Being unstable or incompatible with theirself is an quality and a proof of reliability ? Hummm, let me think 2 secs. You worth your name.

It's ALWAYS been this way. MB QVL list and manufacturers lists give you a list of sets that have been tested with that particular MB. These lists are to be used to choose one kit per MB. It does not say anywhaere that using two kits is acceptable.


The older systems were easier, you could mix just about anything and they would work, but with the newer CPUs it has become increasingly important to have matched sets because the memory controllers have become more refined and fineky about slight differences

I do agree that the MB manufacturers should put a note in their manuals that only one kit per MB is supported.

As technology moves forward the components used to make the modules change(I.E. Different revisions of the same module points that out) It's the difference in the IC's that causes the troubles.


Corsair along with other memory manufacturers take the time to test modules and package them into tested kits for this very reason. And why there is a chance that if you added a set of modules to another set that they may not work. One slight difference between the two kits can cause all kinds of problems..

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''So, feel free to try it. It may work, it may not work.'' Who want to pay big bucks to see IF it work ? Sure it will work if i downgrade the whole lot or IF i'm lucky; the two kits will work togheter.


Quality definition : In manufacturing, a measure of excellence or a state of being free from defects, deficiencies, and significant variations, brought about by the strict and consistent adherence to measurable and verifiable standards to achieve uniformity of output that satisfies specific customer or user requirements. ISO 8402-1986 standard defines quality as "the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs."


Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/quality.html#ixzz2CzhfsB72


''deficiencies, and significant variations'' : This is the variations you point for the unstable issues of combining two kits ? My kit got trouble just after the 1st year of purchase. My h80 never worked really as mentioned. 45c at idle with an i7 920 and gtx 275 stock.


Thats mean not really quality for me. Not with my purchase for now. I run at stock and i get troubles. What if i wanna OC my build later when my warranty was gone ? I can trust it after that ? Yeah, if customer service apologize and try to solve their issues not at my cost.


Reliability defenition :

1. The ability of an apparatus, machine, or system to consistently perform its intended or required function or mission, on demand and without degradation or failure.


2. Manufacturing: The probability of failure-free performance over an item's useful life, or a specified timeframe, under specified environmental and duty-cycle conditions. Often expressed as mean time between failures (MTBF) or reliability coefficient. Also called quality over time. See also availability.


3. Consistency and validity of test results determined through statistical methods after repeated trials.


Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/reliability.html#ixzz2CzkByegN


If we need to lower the performance of the two kit to be stable; this is a reliability issue, no ? It can't perform as intended, no ? This is a degradation, no ?


The facts is here; Corsair can't guarantee the reliability of these kits togheter. Its mean their products is not reliable in some way.


For sure; its a good way to sell more stuff. But really a good way to keep customers ?


I'm from Québec and i'm french. Sry for my english.


Here; its really hard to find Corsair's product. If you want some; you need to try hard because retailer wont sell that here. Almost all just say never, some spit on it and some say they get probs for warranty and support, etc. I asked hard to get mine. i forced my retailer to open an account at evga and corsair for getting it instead to buy asus or gigabyte gpu and Kingston dd3 or OCZ. I pay the fee for opening these account.


I payed 367.87$ ca for an 3x2bg dd3 1866mhz dominator with fan in 2009 vs an upgradable OCZ 6gb+ ddr3 1600mhz solution around 160.00$ in 2009. I voted for Corsair because i dont like the buy something and scrap it for something better later. You imagine my upset when i found that mixing issue with corsair. Okay; you can't really mix at no risk but .... it's an good quality and reliable product ! I tought. One or two years later i got BSOD. I check for all issues, HDD, GPU, Prime95, Memtest, etc. The corsair forum and support say do an memtest86. 3 pass; no error. ?? Okay. Weird ! In 2012; the tech asked me to do an memtest86 1 ddr3 at time in 1st slot with no legacy driver supported; 37 errors on 1st pass for the 5th test.


Mmmmm... .. no mixing kit garantee, high price, BSOD, H80 at 45c died at 26 month, ddr3 fan sound like a copter after 3 month, ddr3 getting errors after 16 month = customer not happy at all. But i can say; it look cool in my case !


2012 before my retailer warranty finish; i made my rma demand for my gtx 275 evga for performance lost ( around 15% while playing MWO and some BSOD ). I got an fresh new gtx 275 oc in a sec. No prob at all and no fees. Old but good stock. Install that new gtx but still get BSOD ! Dammit ! Check my MB, nothing, check my ddr3 ! Got it ! Asking an RMA ; you are billed for shipping !? What ? I pay for broken parts ? on an Lifetime warranty ? For me; an lifetime warranty sounds to me like this **** is so good; its barely impossible to broke or our service is so good; we replace you the thing in a sec for you with apologizes at no fees. I got no apologizes and fees. Hummm. Okay !


Then; i got an 6gb ddr3 1866mhz kit broken to rma; okay not cool but, its an opportunity to get an bigger kit because this one is not garantee to work with others. Then i asked the RMA guy to refund me -10% of year of purchase (-30%) to get some money to buy a 12gb or 24gb solution for my 6 dimm slots. Or exchange my kit for something equivalent in price to made me able to reach 12gb or 24gb with corsairs products. Their answer; we give you the cheapest solution we have to solve the issue. We send you a 6gb kit of ddr3 with the new ic. Worth 85$ in 2012. And you can risk to buy at corsair another kit but we can't garantee if they work together !


You kidding me ....


The good answer is ; Oh sry sir for that brokens parts, we apologize, our products are the best in the market and something like that can't be tolerated to maintain that title. We can replace it for a fresh new kit of the same kind or better. If you are not happy with us; we can refund at X -10% per years of the purchase. Oh you can't really upgrade at 12gb with that kit ! Okay then we can give you 60% of your broken product cost in credit to purchase an 12gb or 24 gb set with no prob. We apologize for our bad products.

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I believe he is going solely on what he has been reading about the other products. I have seen adds for that company in magazines that have said" For even more performance add a second kit ".


I also believe what he is upset about is that he paid extra for Corsair memory when he could have paid less for memory that advertizes that is "upgradable"


I saw that too and then visited that forum to "snoop" around and found the same information about mixing kits as what Corsair states.


So it seems as if their marketing dept has no connection with their tech support or engineering . They also recommend reduced frequencies with more than one kit and also offer no guarantees when mixing kit's.


He's also comparing experiences RMA a GPU to RMAing his memory , which is comparing apples to oranges, and are two totally different situations and upset about having to pay for shipping to send modules in for RMA when the the GPU shipping was paid for.


The other thing i think he is getting at is that he is going by what he paid for the modules years ago. Since those modules are no longer made Corsair offered him a kit of equal or greater performance but cost less than what originally paid for the old modules. I dont think he understands how or what determines memory prices and asking the he be refunded 10% per year to put towards or be able to upgrade to a 12 or 24 gig kit of the equivalent price and not the equivalent of his original kit.


At least that is what i can gather from the information he provided. /shrugs

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''It's the characteristics and requirements of the MEMORY CONTROLLERS.'' But why i can add Kingston and OCZ triple channel kit with no prob ?


That's just it. You don't know if you can or cannot until you actually put them into the machine and test them. In most cases it works but we don't gamble on handing out bad advice and hope it works. We haven't tested it. If you'll search online, it's not hard to find situations every week where people get less than perfect results mixing 2 kits of memory.


Anyone that tells you different is gambling but with YOUR money.

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I feel really sad to see the ddr market turn into that. Wheres the Jedec and standards ?


The Personnal Computer Compatible made his place in history by giving a chance to upgrade your comptuter piece by piece instead of buying a expensive whole kit like Apple sales.


This is a little step back in their philosophy and idk for you; but im not backing this at all.


You don't make money enough ?


Why its that hard to made 1866 mhz ddr triple channel standards ?


Why you don't mention that gambling on further upgrades ?

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Corsair's entire liability and your exclusive remedy for any Corsair product that is not operating in accordance with its published technical specifications is at Corsair's discretion: 1) to repair or replace the product at Corsair’s expense , or 2) to refund the price paid less 10% of the purchase price for each year since the date of purchase. This warranty obligation is conditioned upon the hardware being returned to the original place of purchase, or another place as directed by Corsair, with the original sales receipt attached. You may be required to pay shipping and handling charges, as well as any applicable tariffs, duties, taxes, or other fees. Corsair may, at its discretion, provide new or equivalent-to-new refurbished parts in good working condition, or repair or replace the hardware returned to Corsair.


Any repaired or replacement hardware will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period or thirty (30) days, whichever is greater, or for the period of time required by local statute.

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JEDEC has NOTHING to do with OCing memory. If JEDEC is important to you, you should stick with 1066 memory as that is what your memory controller is spec'd for according to your system specs.


As far as making memory, think about it for a minute. 2 years ago, you couldn't buy fast 4GB modules because the ICs weren't available for it. 2 years before that, you couldn't buy fast 2GB modules because the ICs weren't available for it. Before DDR3 was DDR2 and there was no such thing as DDR3 or 1866 spec memory.


The point is, the technology changes. We can only make memory with the ICs that are being made by the fabs. When you make memory with different ICs, even if it hits the same spec, there is no guarantee 2 different types of modules can be run together. And, this is due to the characteristics of the memory controllers.


As I said above, anyone that guarantees that any 2 different kits of memory will work together in every circumstance is either lying to you or is confused. Corsair believes that making that guarantee is irresponsible. We don't say you can't do it and we'll assist you if you decide to try. It probably will work but we're not going to lie to you.

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  • Corsair Employees

That could be done but we would have to charge you to do that service would you be willing to pay twice the price to achieve that goal? I seriously doubt it. And even if we did that for you how can we be sure that your system and CPU will be able to produce the same results?

It is easier and less risk to just purchase a set that is the density you want installed in the system tested and warrantied to work together.

This is nothing new it has been an issue ever since I have been in the computer industry and that is since about 1973. It has just became more pronounced as the clock frequency has risen and less margin is available to work with because the density an O.S. will support has also risen. With Windows 9X for example only a a max 512 Meg was supported. So in short we are sorry but there is not much we can do.

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