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Using CX600v2 without fan


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im looking into removing the fan from my cx600v2 because it emits little noise and i want my htpc/serer to bi as quiet as posibble. ive checked some online PSU calculators and based on my system it recommends somewhere arround 170w. Now since this computer will be running at idle most of the time i was wondering is it safe to remove the fan and place the psu so its facing up (to let the warm air escape)


is anything that could damage the psu running like that ?





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I wouldn't advise it for a couple of reasons.


One, it would void any warranty you may have left on your PSU. If that is something that bothers you.


That PSU is designed to have the fan on constantly , to keep it cool. Even at low wattages it could still potentially damage your PSU.


Personally i wouldn't chance it, but it's your hardware and you do what you feel comfortable with.


But if the fan is that noisy i would suggest you go through the RMA service.

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