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Disapppointed - Cannot Jump AX1200i


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I am quite disappointed with this PSU. It has caused me significant amount of headache and problem. A little background:


I am building a water cooling setup, worth a little over 6 grand. It's a huge project and I have been working months on it. I got the best PSU out there for it.


As I realized it the hard way, there is no way to jump start this PSU. No matter what I did, I couldn't. I know PSU is not DOA because when I connect all the connections to motherboard it boots the PC fine and there are no problems. Self-test is also a bit weird, because the first time I do it there is a quick click and the light is red, but any subsequent times are all green (I have tried maybe 50 times, none of them will fail).


I know I am jumping the right pins because when I turn the PSU on, there is power for maybe 2-3 seconds. Fan starts up, and my pump works (I was using this to do leak testing), but then it shuts off and no this isn't the fan working in silent mode, my pump also shuts off.


I am lucky that I have my other PC where I was able to use the PSU from, oh boy if I couldn't do that, I'd be extremely upset.


I'm hoping someone from Corsair can explain why a $300 PSU that is top of the line cannot be jump started. This is just ridiculous.

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The self test button is meant to be run when the PSU is not connected to anything. Is this how you are running it?


Are you wanting to jump the PSU so that you can test a water cooling system safely outside of the case?


I would hope he'd have everything inside the case, he just needs to bleed/leak test it without powering the board on.

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