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HX-750 modular cable compadibility


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I have an extra set of modular connectors for an HX-750 that I want to get rid of but before I do I want to be sure I don't send them to someone who wont be able to use them. I know that the HX-750 cables are not compatible with the HX-520 because I've had both. But they appear to be compatible with the 850 and 1050, but I am only able to tell from pictures. Can anyone verify that they are all compatible (I am aware that there are different numbers of connectors for the different products). Or are there any other product that these can be used for?




Edit: Ok it looks like the 520 is not part of the HX series... And the others are the 650, 850 and 1050. Can anyone verify that these are compatible connectors? (I am aware that there are different numbers of cables for the different models)

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