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HX850 fan noise


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Hi, I haven't had this PSU very long (A few weeks) and last night I nearly hit the ceiling:o: Until then the fan hadn't come on and then it did and it made a god awful noise! I thought it was my H100i until I opened my case and found out it was the PSU. I'll link you to a video of the noise and hope you can hear what I mean, it makes a clicking noise at first then a grinding noise and then a squeaking sound. It is very loud indeed, I hope my rubbish phone pics it up Okay.

I'm not sure why it's coming on now as I've been playing games like crisis 2 and it hadn't come on, I even ran Prime95 and A new dawn at the same time the other day as I'd never seen the fan come on but it didn't. It came on while playing Fifa 13 which isn't a power hungry game at all and now comes on for most games. The fan isn't too bothersome although it's the loudest thing in my case, its the strange noises it makes.

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Well I've setup a return with Overclockersuk and as I'm worried it would happen with a replacement I'm getting a refund and going with a different PSU. Someone said the issue was with production and is okay now but then surely all the faulty ones should've been recalled?

Even without the strange grinding noise the fan was too loud even with a soundproofed case as when the fan comes on it goes to 100% and slows down which seems backwards to me. Loved the PSU until I heard that noise but couldn't stick with that noise. It's the first Corsair product I've had go wrong and I have quite a lot from them at the moment.


Corsair 600t

Vengeance memory

H100i liquid cooler

k90 keyboard

sp2500 speakers

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