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new h100i, have some questions


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First question, in corsair link v2.1.7 it says Nv Temp1. I have a nvidia card, so I am assuming this is what is referring too?


Second question, it says the pump is at 30 degrees Celsius. But it says my CPU is at 16 degrees Celsius. Which in a room that's ambient temperature is 76 degrees Fahrenheit I am inclined to believe is impossible. IS this a software glitch?


Three, does the pump's temperature represent the temperature of my my CPU? That would make more sense given the temperature. But then why does it say intel temp is 16 degrees Celsius?


Thanks everyone


Oh and, I am getting the rattling at low RPM's on the fans. I am using SP120 Performance edition on the h100i. I heard there was a firmware update on the way to fix the issue, and ETA on when it will arrive and where can I get it from?

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I use OpenHardware Monitor and/or CPUID HW Monitor. The former being my preferred and favourite of the two.


Whilst all of our rigs are made up of differing hardware components and software, for some weird reason, some apps that record temps, voltages, fan rpm's work differently on some systems than on others.


Coretemp on my current rig misreads my temps by up to 7 C for example, which is a shame, as I swore by it in my last rig.

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