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550D issue


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I've got the exact same problem as the OP but on an Obsidian 550D. I've raised case 5187592 and filled in the RMA details as requested but I'm somewhat confused by the RMA process.


The response I got said:


"Once approved, please ignore the RMA emails and instructions, and reply back to this message through TSX, confirming that you've completed the form. You don't need to send anything back to us. We just need the RMA for shipping and records keeping."


The thing is that the RMA web forms seem to be read only with no option for me to add comments and the TSX mailbox is an un-monitored "no-reply" type account. A week ago I asked for an update and was told "Your inquiry has been forwarded to the appropriate department for review" but I've heard nothing back.


I'm lost in the process ... help me RAM_GUY, you're my only hope!

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