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Corsair Hydro series on Server Boards?


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Hello all,


I have a Asus Sabertooth P67 with a H50 cooling kit and I like it very much since its quiet and efficient, and now I'm thinking on buying a H70 or H80 for my Xeon E5645 on a Asus Z8NR-D12 system board.

Since the Asus Z8NR-D12 is a server board with xeon 1366 CPU socket and a glued backplate for the CPU, integrated into the board, the H70 or H80 cooling kit will fit with the stock cpu backplate of my board?


PS: I'm thinking on upgrading the system with a second CPU and would like to know if later I end up upgrading both CPUs for the X5650, the H70 or H80 will have enough cooling power for the X5650 CPUs?

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