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What Nforce 400 Ultra mobo has fewest complaints?


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Just put together the following:


AthlonXP 3200+

Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe

1 GB Corsair TwinX 3200C2PT

74 GB SATA Raptor

Antec Truepower 380W


System will not run at 200MHz, is barley stable at 192MHz . Have tried many settings, every Bios, and memory was Okay in another system. I've read too many complaints about this board to try it again, what boards don't get many complaints?


This system is primarily for CAD work (Solidworks), so stability is priority 1, OC'ing will be minor if any.



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Abit NF7-S


I ran my verison 1 at 400 Mhz for about 18 months without any problems. And I was using a 2400+ CPU (its only rated 266 I think). You can pickup one at Bestbuy and take it home. If is does't work just return it to the store.


Here were the specs:



Abit NF7-S ("fixed" V1.0, Bios 13, Nvidia 2.03)

Athlon XP 2400+ Air cooled with the "Stock" AMD Heatsink

Running 11 x 200 Mhz = 51 c max temp

Corsair CMX 512 MB DDR3500 ram 1 DIMM in slot 1 6-3-3-2

ATI All In Wonder Radeon 9700 Pro (4.1 Cat)

Sony 52x/48x/52x CD-RW

Toshiba 16x DVD

Western Digital 120 GIG HDD

Maxtor 40 GIG HDD

Chieftec (Antec Clone) with Austin 450 Watt PS and 3 x 80 MM fans

CPU 1.75v DDR 2.6v Chip 1.6v AGP 1.6v


I'm going to sell the CPU and Mobo on Ebay. Now that I have my Athlon 64

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