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RMA Dominator 8500C5D


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Dear Ram Guy,

I am the owner of a TWIN2X4096-8500C5D Ram-Kit. I was very content with the modules, because they gave my PC quite a boost.(before I had 800 MHz Ram)

Unfortunately the modules are defective now. So I filed a RMA request. I had to send my modules from Germany to the Netherlands to the RMA Department. RMA answered today. They want to replace my modules with TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX. So basically I have to go from 1066 MHz back to 800 MHz?? This is not really an option for me. The performance of the 800 MHz will be significantly lower, and I will be back in the old days.

In addition to that I will not be able to maintain my overclock on my Core2Quad Q9550. I am pretty sure the 800 MHz modules will not perform nearly as good as my 1066 MHz modules. I expect a total performance loss of about 20-30%, which is really a lot to me.

This would "force" me to upgrade my entire PC(e.g. to SandyBridge CPU+Mainboard+DDR3 RAM) in order to maintain performance.


Why can't I get 1066 MHz modules or at the least 800 MHz modules with lower timings(CL3/CL4)?


Looking forward to your reply. Thank you in advance for any help and assistance.

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  • Corsair Employees
Unfortunately we no longer make any high performance DDR2 memory. So we can only replace the memory with what we have in stock. However, if you were planning on upgrading to a DDR3 system then you may want to contact our customer service department to see if they would be willing to replace your current memory with a DDR3 kit.
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Hello again and thank you for your advice. I described my issue to the customer service department and asked for something similar to my defective Dominator 1066MHz DDR2 modules.

And this is part of the answer from Corsair customer service:

...As our policy states, "An obsolete or discontinued product will be replaced with the same product. If Corsair is unable to replace your obsolete or discontinued product with the same product, Corsair will replace the obsolete or discontinued product, in its sole discretion, with a product having similar function and capacity." However, we would still would like to honor our warranty and if you cannot accept the PC2-6400 kit, we can gladly compensate you with an upgrade to DDR3 memory if you're willing to upgrade...


I asked Corsair to specify which DDR3 memory they would offer me.


Answer: CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 (2x4GB Vengeance DDR3 1600mhz memory)


Now I don't know if I should rather laugh or cry. This is just ridiculous, and actually it feels to me like an insult.

Does this customer service agent maybe think customers are stupid?


First of all, he provides me with a policy, which does not apply to me at all. The policy he stated is the most recent one, to be found on the Corsair website. But there is clearly written: "Note that this version of the warranty was published on October 1, 2012, and is applicable for products purchased on or after that date. For prior copies of the warranty, please contact customer service."


And there is quite a difference in the section about "Obsolete or Discontinued Products" between the old version(2009) and the new version of the policy(2012).


Old policy: "...Corsair will replace that product with a product of similar function and equal or greater value."


New policy: "...Corsair will replace the obsolete or discontinued product, in its sole discretion, with a product having similar function and capacity."


The difference in the policies is pretty obvious, I don't think I have to tell anyone about the advantages and disadvantages.


Anyway, the warranty policy which applies in my case is the old one. So, as far as I can read and understand, it states that Corsair WILL REPLACE my modules with modules of similar function and equal or greater value. I am aware, that "equal or greater value" has nothing to do with money, so if you paid $200 3 years ago you are not eligible to get something worth $200 today. Its more like "equal or greater value" from a technical and a quality point of view.


Anyone can tell, that XMS 800MHz CL5 DDR2 Ram is nowhere near equal to DOMINATOR 1066MHz CL5 DDR2 Ram. And there are multiple reasons for that. I will only tell you the 2 most important ones to me. First, 800MHz vs 1066MHz, there is not much to explain, sheer speed loss of 25%. Second, the difference between my product line "DOMINATOR"(which is corsairs enthusiast memory) and the product line "XMS"(which is corsairs mainstream memory). Enthusiast and mainstream are not terms I made up myself. All terms and advantages of Dominator memory over XMS memory are described in detail on the official Corsair website. So there is no way you can make me believe any XMS/Vengeance memory is equal to a Dominator memory.


With that said, the Vengeance 1600MHz DDR3 memory offered to me is ridiculous and almost an insult. DDR3 memory speeds, according to the Corsair website, range from 1333 MHz to 2800 MHz. This shows clearly that the Vengeance 1600MHz module is a "budget memory" or "low-end mainstream memory".


So for me, an "equal" replacement to an "enthusiast" product is another "enthusiast" product, nothing less. Belive me, I am not trying to get the best, fastest and most expensive product as a replacement from you. I am only taking you by your warranty and by your words, and don't want to be stepped on in such a way.

So if Corsair really wants to(as your customer service said) "honor warranty", then something has to happen.


Ram Guy, I hope you could be so kind to look into my case and take some action at last. The RMA exists since almost one month. RMA #5214790. Thank you and have a nice day.

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  • Corsair Employees


I am sorry that you are going through this and that you are not happy with what they offered you. However, with regards to value the vale is at the time of the exchange not what you paid for the memory. I wish it were but that is not how it works. Memory is and always has been volatile in Price and fluctuates often. At the time when you purchased the modules the pricing I am sure was higher because it is more in the main stream and was close to EOL if it was three years ago. Memory pricing is and has been driven by supply and demand but that can only be attributed to what is in production and all of the memory IC Manufacturers have moved their production to DDR3 and soon DDR 4 or 5 will move into production and we will see this same issue that you have seen with DDR2. There were many of the same types of issue when DDR1 went EOL as well.


I will send them a message but I would suggest calling them by phone and ask for a supervisor after Monday at 7:30 Am Pacific Time and I am sure they will try to work this out with you. The number is listed under contact on the main web site.

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Well, you are repeating what I said. I said the exact same thing regarding the price/value. Again, I know that it is not possible to get something worth 200 $ today, if thats what I paid 3 years ago.

The question now is, what exactly does Corsair have in mind with its warranty promising to replace a broken and discontinued product with a product of "equal or greater value".

I can only think about two possibilities of understanding "equal or greater value".


1. equal or greater value = value/price of a product at the time of replacement

(so, value of my defective memory today=>I should get something equally or more valuable than my memory today)




2. equal or greater value = quality of the product in the Corsair product hierarchy

(hierarchy meaning the differentiation by Corsair inside one product category between "budget" and "high-end", so in memory: "Value Select"=>"XMS"=>"Vengeance"=>"Dominator" - so, replace "budget" with "budget", "mainstream" with "mainstream" and "high-end" with "high-end")


Regardless what way you understand the term "equal or greater value", my 4GB Dominator 1066MHz CL5 DDR2 memory is not even close to equally replaced by 4GB XMS 800MHz CL5 DDR2 memory or by 8GB Vengeance 1600MHz CL9 DDR3 memory. Not even close.


Naturally with all memory manufacturers, higher speed means higher price/value, higher category means higher price/value, higher class means higher price/value, higher quality means higher price/value.

Which means "high-end" has more value than "mainstream".

Which means Dominator has more value than Vengeance or XMS.

Which means 1066MHz CL5 DDR2 has more value than 800MHz CL5 DDR2.

Which means with XMS 800MHz DDR2 memory currently retailing at about 60 Euro(in Germany), and Vengeance 1600MHz DDR3 memory currently retailing at about 40 Euro(in Germany), and Dominator 1066 MHz DDR2 memory obviosly being more valuable....NOT close to an equal replacement. Now, I know the Dominator 1066 MHz DDR2 modules are not being manufactured anymore, but that makes them even more rare and even more valuable!


Did I understand the Corsair warranty wrong? If so, please explain it to me?

If I understood the Corsair warranty the right way, then why does Corsair not "honor" its own warranty? Why am I not being offered a decent replacement? I sent my defective memory to Corsair Netherlands one month ago, I am not able to use my Gaming-PC right now. I do not expect Corsair to give me a replacement of greater value. BUT, I expect Corsair to stay true to its promise and at the very least give me an EQUAL REPLACEMENT. That's it. Am I asking for too much here?

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Hello again,

I followed your advice Ram Guy. I just called the free phone number under contact on the corsair website. Worked great with Skype.

I quickly explained the case, and after 3 minutes the Corsair representative I was talking to on the phone agreed to send me what I wanted, so 2 Kits of TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX, that's 8GB of XMS 800MHz DDR2 memory.

He said that the memory is now in Taiwan. It will be shipped today and I should receive it in Germany in 5 days. Let's hope for the best. I will keep you updated.

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