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6GB 1333 plus 6GB 1600 equals crash?


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Hello all. As bad as I feel making my first post here a problematic one, I need some advice.


As my specs indicate, I'm running half and half of 1600 and 1333 Mhz RAM. I installed the slower RAM almost a year ago, having recieved it as a gift. Everything has been fine until a couple of weeks ago.


I have been experiencing BSODs when playing games. Doesn't seem to matter if I'm playing on three screens or one, graphically intense or not. I broke out the diagnostics and went to work.


PC Check froze during the memory portion of a full-system test. I rebooted and tried testing just the RAM. That test finished with no errors. A subsequent stress test also finished.


I have ordered CMT12GX3M3A2000C9 as a precaution, thinking that speed and latency differences in the RAM modules could be a problem. My CPU and GPU are overclocked, but teperature monitoring software doesn't indicate excessive heat problems. Still, I realize that the OC may be a problem.


My new RAM should arrive today. I'm thinking that even if my problems turn out to be something else that I'll keep it anyway, because it will run faster and leave me open to maxing out the board at 24GB.


Any advice is greatly appreciated. Nothing more annoying than getting really into a game and then losing your progress due to a crash....

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