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K90 Back Light Problem


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Was looking at another thread "Two faulty K90 keyboards.." when I notice the picture on how the LED's should look. Now I notice my F5-F12, the Insert, Home etc. and lastly the Multimedia keys do not light up like the picture (possibly all the ones that are not mechanical if I'm honest).

I have taken some pictures of the keys -








My operating system is Windows 8, I have updated the firmware on the keyboard 1.07 up to 1.19 using a USB 2.0 port (when it had Windows 7 installed). I have tried the Keyboard on 3 separate computers it has the same result no LED's. Other than the fact that these bits do not light up the keyboard works great. I'm not sure what to do as I have only seen one picture of what another keyboard should look like and mine doesn't. Is mine broken?




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removed F1 key it seems to glow underneath. The F12 and the Pause/Beak keys (the 2 I removed) do not glow underneath. If i put the F12 key in the F1 slot it glows Light blue but like all the other keys at the other end (it's correct position) it does not if it is in it's correct position.
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RMA Case #5285259. I was checking to see if the keyboard had been received that i had returned for RMA on the status page provided. It shows it has been received it but it shows the wrong part number received. I returned a CH-9000003-UK keyboard not the NA variety (which has a slightly different layout). I have emailed the RMA email address given in the conformation but have heard nothing back. Is there some other way to contact support as i do not wish to have to return a wrong part (it was costly enough to return the original!)
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Yes, request an RMA here http://www.corsair.com/support/technicalsupport/


An normal RMA works by you sending your K90 back to Corsair first then they will send you your replacement.


If you want, you can request an advanced RMA by calling customer service by phone. An advanced RMA means you get your replacement K90 first then you send your K90 back. A credit card is required for this.


You can call customer service using their toll-free number using Skype.

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