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Corsair HX520W - Fading away?


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My PC recently has just been recently turning off and back on again (like as if someone pulled the plug). Just thinking is it my PSU or can it be someone else. Want some advice before I go spend £140 on a new PSU.


i7 3770 (it was OC'd @4.7ghz but I put it back to stock to put less pressure on the PSU)


16GB RAM Corsair

Corsair Force 3 SSD

ATI Radeon 6850HD


Windows 7 64-bit


It don't really update drivers if my stuff works so it'll always be whatever the latest drivers are at the time I install Windows


It was completely fine before I had my fibre optic connection installed. I have about 8 or 9 things plugged into 1 wall socket which I know isn't great but I don't have too much choice. I have recently unplugged a few to see if it would sort it out but it hasn't. I also have my subwoofer by my PC which again I know isn't fantastic but lack of space. I have no idea if this information is relevant but meh.


CPU and motherboard temps sit at <25C and under load the cpu goes to 35C but never/rarely above.


I can't find any logs, maybe I'm looking in the wrong place but the computer does acknowledge it wasn't shut down properly.


I do tend to leave my PC on for long periods of time, as I stream stuff from it in bed. Thinking the PSU may have given up on me.


Using the ASUS AI Suite, the +12v reads at 12.192v and the +5v at 5.080v, I have watched it for about 5 minutes and it doesn't change much at all. I did see the +12v drop to about 12.080 if i remember correctly once but it did jump straight back up.


If you need to know anything else let me know!

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I would check what the breaker is rated at then check the current draw for the items you have connected to that outlet you may be at or near the max and that may be causing this. To test can you unplug all of the devices except the computer and see if it stays stable?
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My setup is very similar to yours and I ran it at first with a HX520.

Like yourself, I had the problem of the PSU 'shutting down' occasionally.

Was told by Asus tech that it was an issue with the 'power good' signal between their Z77 boards and the HX520. (RAM GUY thought this was not the case)

Anyway, a new PSU sorted it.

I have put the 520 to work in an old PC and it hasn't missed a beat since so not sure what conclusion to come to.


Cheers ....

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