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Cooling Node Firmware - update?


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After my original Corsair link kit decided to melt I have recently received another one and just found the time to set it up. I know from experience how long this takes!


My new cooling node shipped out with FW1.1.12 but previously I was running FW1.2.5 as it gave much better fan control.


I just spent close to an hour getting Link 2 installed and working as I had to flash the commander and ran into a couple problems which was only because I still had software 1.2.7 installed from last time. Now everything is up and running and much better than before, Thank You, my only issue is I have limited-no control of my air series fans plugged into the cooling node. When I go to update firmware within Link 2 it only gives the option to update the commander or H100i so can I update my cooling node to 1.2.5? Would this involve reverting back to software 1.2.7, and is that possible as my commander has newer firmware?




System - 2.1.7

Commander - 2.0.6

Cooling Node - 1.1.12

H100 - 1.1.12


Thank you, Joe.

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Hey Ramguy,


The SP120's I have on the H100 I can take from 1850-2150 RPM and the AF140's from 1050-1150 RPM which is just enough to let them be quiet which is great.


The AF120's I have on the cooling node will go from 1450-1600 RPM which is ok but with 1.2.5 I could slow them down until they stalled out completely at about 600 RPM.


Thanks, Joe

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