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Help!!? DDR2 pc5400 vs DDR pc4200


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I'm using the Intel Desktop Board D925XCV, and it states that it's compatible with 400mhrz and 533mhrz DDR2 Memory. Well, I'm noticing that Corsair isn't selling the PC4200 memory (533MHRZ), and are primarily selling the (675MHRZ) PC5400, are they both core 533MHRZ, and can I use PC5400 RAM in my motherboard? I don't want to make a mistake when I buy my Ram.



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Welcome to the forums, Apollyonx83x!


You can use the 5400 as the system will only run it at 400 or 533 MHz, so basically, it'll just be running slower than it's rated to.


No worries there, it's when we make stuff go faster that we get problems!




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