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2 different sets of TwinX2048RE-3200 @ Dual Opteron


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Hi all,


I recently bought myself a brand 'spanking' new Dual Opteron system.


The specs:

Tyan Thunder K8W S2885ANRF

AMD Opteron 250 (2x)

Corsair TwinX2048RE-3200 (2x)

Western Digital WD740GD (2x)

XFX Geforce 6800 Ultra (1x ;-) )

Tagan 480Watt (EPS) | Antec True550EPS (1x)

jabba jabba (etc.)


The two TwinX sets I ordered are of 2 different versions.

Will this cause any issues? of will this work fine?

The sets will be installed in a 2+2 situation in this 4+4 board (NUMA)


The sets are:




2x CMX1024RE-3200 XMS3200REv2.1 (Batch 0406060-1)




2x CMX1024RE-3200 XMS3200REv1.2 (Batch 0432110-1)


The packages are also different.

None of them include the Corsair Case-Badge :[pouts:

Only one of them include the leaflet of the Corsair Monthly newsletter.


This system is supposed to run 24/7 as a database server, webserver and workstation (testing enviroment) so I want it to run as stable as possible.


Should I ask my retailer to replace those kits for 2 identical kits?

Or will these kits work fine in this system?





Maarten Hammega

The Netherlands

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Thank you very much for responding.


Do you know of any way to test the full 4GB of memory?


I tried Memtest86 and Memtest86+ (last versions) but those programs do not recognise the AMD8000 chipset and memory (only +/- 2.4GB and no ECC).


Thank you for your time and trouble.





Maarten Hammega

The Netherlands

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