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Arrrr missing quick connect valves from my kit


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Well not sure if i was suppose to recieve the full manual in print in my kit, but was only given a quick install kit and a cdrom which i couldnt view on my half disassembled pc. There was no paper confirming the package contents i should have.


Anyway after I install everything on my PC. CPU, even when out and got a KooLance block for my VGA and Northbridge chips. Remove the old fans, get it all nice and cleaned up and cherry. Go to plug it into the unit and like ARRRR, where are the 90 degree elbow quick connects???


Anyway take everything back out realizing that there is nothing I could substitute for any kind of temporary fitting. Put all my old turbo jet engine fans back in....and now I can see the packaging list. Got everything but the quick connects.


Guess my question is how do i get these, most quickest way i guess. Somehow i dont think the local Frys will carry parts that will fit. Looking thru old posts here I see I am not alone in not recieveing the quick connects :[pouts: Place i did my mail order is like over the bridge here in california, all thought dont take will call or pick ups. Seems corsair main office is over there too in freemont. I would really like to see this system up and running this weekend. Main reason is I would like to know if I should keep or return this Prescott 3.2E cpu thats been giving me nothing but hot air and more hot air, and i only got till Sunday to return it if i do.


Anyway any help or suggestions would be appreciated from corsiar/delphi or anyone else that might be able to suggest how i might be able to get some of these valves asap. Found some places online to buy them, but would like to see if any around the bay area that i can buy from stores

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Guys at corsair were awesome and very helpfull. At 18 miles away they also let me come and pick up my missing quick connect valves.


All I have to say now is Wow! Hydrocool rocks.


I was real worried about noise, but guess thats mainly in turbo mode which it has not hit yet. Was a hot hot day yesterday too reaching 90, still running cool cool. Its noticable yes, but nothing like having a Thermatake Spark 7 running at 6K+ rpm's just to keep your cpu under 70c under load. Right now, during my hottest times playing I have not seen the core go over 52c with the HC plate temp around mid 30s.


Kind of an rookie when it comes to overclocking now with locked multipliers. I miss my ES cpu's for sure when I worked in the industry. I have no idea what my limits are, but for starters and rock stable I have my 3.2E running at 3.86GHz at 1.41volts. Geforce4 5900 with bios flash to 5950U running at 500/1030. Yes i have my geforce watercooled too. Sure the core is staying cool but stock memory heat sinks getting a bit toasty. By far the hottest part of my PC atm. Gonna see about tring to take care of that today.

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