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Where Can I Find a HydroCool EX?


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Well I was double checking the price on NewEgg, and it's gone! :( Checked OutPost.com, they have the 200, doesn't say if it's the EX one.


Any suggestions? Don't even bother mentioning the link at the top of the page :laughing:. Only reputable shops please.

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The last production HydroCool product rolled of the manufacturing line back in June. Therefore, what's in the inventory and distribution chain are all there is. :bigeyes:



The next Hydro(NEW) product should be out sometime after the HydroCool is all sold out. I'm not sure how long afterward. It will be a scaled down of some features, but will have the performance to cool the newer chips too.


Just an FYI -- http://www.OverClockers.com did a breakdown on water-cooling kits that can be modded. Sad to say, many are very limited to mod. The HydroCool tends to break that trend. If it were up to me, I'd buy a HydroCool 200EX now and avoid the wait for the new unit. :greengrin Besides, with all of the posted mods here, you have a bigger resource to draw from. :hihi:



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June? Ok, that clicks in with some other stuff. DEFINITELY ordering it tonight!


Damn, now I've gotta decide what else I need! 1-2 GB of mem, A64, board, sweet vid, PSU, MAYBE new case... arg! At the least I may order a mini-ATX...


BTW, you guys been checking out the 2 doom 3 mods at the hardocp forums? 1 is WC'd, nice work!

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