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Windows keeps crashing at arbitrary times


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I have the following configuration


Athlon 64 3000+

Chaintech VNF3-250 Socket 754 motherboard

Corsair Value-Select 512MB RAM


bought from ZipZoomfly.com


I have it running Windows 2000 all right. But everyday at least the system crashes ten times - either the system just restarts by itself or I get a blue screen with physical dump of memory.


Suspecting that the memory might be bad, I created a CD with memtestx86 and ran the tests. I am getting errors during the test at 503MB. Just wanted to know whether someone knows what the problem might be?


Bad memory?

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  • Corsair Employee

Can you give me a few more details? What is the exact part# of our module?

Did you test them or it in another system, and if so at what speed/settings?

And did you test them one module at a time if you have more than one and do they work or get no errors but when you install both you get errors?

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