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Solving Chaintech ZNF3-250 Riddle


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Reference this quote from the Chaintech user guide: "The first bank supports up to 1 GB of memory, and the second and third ones together support up to 1 GB of memory in total. Installation in DIMM2 + DIMM3 slots can only support single-sided RAM. We strongly suggest that you install DRAMs in either DIMM1 + DIMM2 or DIMM1 + DIMM3 slots."


The problem that I had earlier, and that others have reported in this forum, is that one 2-sided memory module works, and a second 2-sided memory module (by itself) works, but the two -- installed at the same time in DIMM1 and DIMM3-- do not work.


Chaintech's memory installation guide suggests three Corsair options:

a. CMX512-3200C2

b. CMX256A-3500C2

c. CMX512-3200LLPRO


I would like 1 GB of memory in my system.



1. Are any of the Corsair options outlined above single sided, and therefore more likely to work to acheive a total of 1 GB?

2. If no, is there a 1 GB module, or some other alternative solution that you can recommend?

3. If yes, how can I find it and buy it? There are stores like Frys and Micro Centre in my area.


Thank you for your counsel. I am not a techie, and this is deeper than I had hoped. Please be gentle with your answer.

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