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Memory And Mother Board Compatibility


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Just wondering If there is one of these treads that has what works with what? I buy Computer Parts ALOT and would like to be able to find what MOBO and RAM work and what don't.


Presently I am tring to find the compatibility between the "Corsair TWINX PRO PC3200 1G(2X512M) TWINX1024-3200C2PRO (LEDs)" and the "ASUS A7V880 VIA KT880 Chipset."


It would be nice to have a thread that is updated where I could find the lastest Chip set compatibility. It takes some time before MOBO Manf. get around to putting one togather and by then its old technoligy.




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  • Corsair Employee
This MB is not available too us just yet, but I am sure once we have it here we will test it. For a list of the MB's we use to validate our modules, please follow the link in my signature "What are the correct timings for My Module?" all of our XMS modules are listed along with the MB we use and the bios settings use with the respective module!
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