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Upgrading Dell 4600


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First off thanks for making such great memory! I have a couple of your XMS sticks in another system and they are running great! :):


I am considering two different sets of RAM for my Dell 4600. I am looking at either VS1GBKIT400 or VS1GBKIT400C3. I will be removing the 2-256 sticks that I currently have in my system, so I will have no bottlenecks with the upgraded memory.


I am looking at Newegg for the purchase, and there is no price difference between these modules, and they are both KITs so I imagine that they are paired for Dual Channel mother boards, is that correct?


I have read a couple posts that say the CL3 modules will work better then the CL2.5 modules in a Dell. But this is where I get a little confused, because I also have read that the Dell bios automatically detects the memory settings. If this is so, would the CL2.5 modules work? Or will it not be able to detect the CL2.5 and therefore decrease the speed from 400 to 333? :confused:


Also, what is the actual difference between these memory modules? Are the CL2.5 modules noticibly faster? :confused:


My current system is:

Dell Dimension 4600 2.8 HT

512MB Ram

GForce 4200 128 MB

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The kits are just 2 sticks, not pretested for dual channel or anything. CAS 2.5 is faster han 3, but I doubt that system will set it to 2.5, I believe it only uses 3. Also, CAS has nothing to do with the FSB (400 vs. 333).
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