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Soyo Dragon Plus v1.0 w/ CMX512-4000PRO


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I just got one stick of the Corsair CMX512-4000PRO RAM and put it in my Soyo Dragon Plus v1.0 mobo and all I get is 1 long beep. I just need to know if this is a compatibility problem, a bios setting problem, or a bad stick of RAM. Right now my bios is set to auto detect RAM and all my RAM speed settings set to "by speed". I called Soyo support and they were absolutely no help. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.



Soyo Dragon Plus v1.0

AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 400FSB

Corsair CMX512-4000PRO

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  • Corsair Employee
I would try other memory and make sure the system will post and you have the latest bios installed and then set the timings manually to 200 FSB on the CPU and set the timings to Cass 3-4-4-8 at 2.7 Volts! Or if you can test the module on another MB that may help you isolate the problem!
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I've been reading up about the Dragon boards, and my Dragon 2 supposed to be very tempermental with memory. I know how you feel b/c I'm getting a lot of errors with supposed-Soyo Approved memory.


Keep us posted about your status, and I'll return the favor



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