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K90 issue


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I bought this K90 keyboard as a replacement for a Logitech G510. It seemed superior quality and with the same kind of macro key functionality. Alas, it appears not to be so as any programmed macro interrupts any other keyboard entry (which seems rather strange for a keyboard touted as an MMO keyboard). This is pretty much defeats the entire point of the G keys from an MMO perspective. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is not even a week away (yes, I know, I'm quite sad like that); the reason why I decided to upgrade, and this keyboard which allows you to:


"Easily access to your most frequently used macros, presets and key combinations even during the most intense action."


Simply doesn't cut the mustard.


I propose an addendum to the blurb above (taken from Corsair's product page):


"Unless you happen to, you know, be in a boss fight that has you running around like a headless chicken and you have to, goodness forbid, move and stuff. Just stand in the fire, I'm sure your healers can heal through it if they really wanted to..."


Please fix this. It's pretty fundamental, don't you think?

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Hi again, Ram Guy.


In relation to the issue I asked about a year or so ago above, has any resolution been found? I've switched to a different keyboard since as the K90 also developed a double strike problem, but before I did, the original issue remained. I'm considering getting a K95 in the near future: does the G key interrupt issue affect this keyboard also?


Thank you



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